HD (Half Definition) Video

As we know from practice, even if a manufacturer calls the product "Super HD" - it guarantees nothing.
Full HD displays may have 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 2560x1600 and other resolutons, but may or may not support Full HD video.
The Samsung F2380 passed the test in connection with a BD player. Blu-ray video can be displayed with correct geometry.
The only note is that "16:9" option from the menu (OSD) actually overscans video, so "Fit the Screen" option should be used.

The geometry is correct. And what about the image itself?
Unfortunately, this monitor has no controls to reduce black crush and color shift.
The F2380 OSD has 3 gamma setting to choose from. But anything different from default option (Gamma 1) makes things worse.

Watch this video.
A movie scene from BD player.
This is something to remember. Can you see a man at the background (R side)? He disappears!

Now back to fantastic CR.
What is contrast ratio? It's a ratio of brightness of the brightest part of the image to brightness of the darkest part of the same image. Contrast allows us to tell an object from its background.
Look at the right part of the Samsung F2380 screen.
What CR is there if you don't see the man at the background?
Yes, CR is zero.
Where is our 3000:1??

Now it's time to answer questions.

1. The Samsung F2380 promises record-breaking contrast ratio.
True or False?
For the colorimeter it's true.
For the user it's false.
3000:1 is just arithmetic. We have measured calibrated CR: 137:0.05=2740
Remember that measurements fluctuate. Look at 0.04 cd/m2 of black instead of 0.05 - just 0.01 invisible difference blows CR up to 3425:1 (137:0.04=3425)!
Numbers of contrast ratio mean little without proper viewing angles and colors.
Yes, high CR plays its role on Kuro plasma because Kuros have excellent viewing angles with no issues.
This is not the case with the Sansung F2380.

2. This is a "Full HD" monitor.
True or False?
True for proper geometry.
False for colors and black crush. High "definition" with a man lost from the screen is not high.

3. The remedy for PVA color shift and black crush is found.
True or False?
More false than ever before.