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July 7, 2009


A substandard resolution monitor on PVA panel is not a sensation any more.
So why does the Samsung F2380 provoke interest?
There are several things.
Nothing outstanding, but something.
This monitor has been announced to have a new PVA derivative panel that some sources call cPVA.
We know what to expect from PVA.
Refer to these major reviews (mini-tutorials) of two milestone models:
NEC 2490WUXi
Dell 2408

A lot of things are covered there that makes this review much shorter.

So, "PVA case" is closed already. Why again?
I have several questions about this newborn.
1. So-called cPVA promises record-breaking contrast ratio.
True or False?
2. This is a "Full HD" monitor.
True or False?
3. The remedy for PVA color shift and black crush is found.
True or False?

We'll get the answers by the end of this review.